Cutting costs while reducing carbon emissions is top of every shipping operator’s agenda. By utilizing the power of data and machine learning, these twin goals can be achieved.

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A smarter approach to shipping

With the shipping industry becoming increasingly competitive, and with regulations forcing operators to increase their environmental efforts, it is increasingly obvious that traditional approaches are no longer good enough.

It is time to think and operate more intelligently. And to do that, machine learning is key.

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The numerous benefits of machine learning

The numerous benefits of machine learning

The consequences of failing to evolve

The consequences of failing to evolve

_How you can upgrade your vessels

How you can upgrade your vessels

Facts, figures and vital statistics


Operating costs are set to rise by at least 3% post-2020, so reducing inefficiencies is key


The 2020 sulphur cap has been designed to cut shipping’s 15% contribution to global sulphur emissions


The annual fuel bill for the shipping sector is set to soar upwards by up to $60 billion post-2020

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“Machine learning produces better decisions based on a closer approximation of the truth. It is able to learn anything with enough data and processing power.”

Daniel Jacobsen, CTO and co-founder at GreenSteam

The time for change is now

The shipping sector is going through a major period of transformation, and only those operators that make the decision to evolve will survive. There has never been a better time to discover the power of machine learning.

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